Audit & snag

Auditing & snagging, but simplified

Use Insite Teams for snagging, auditing safety, completing your quality assurance documents, making condition surveys and more.

Audit & snag with Insite Teams

Create and share projects with your team

Keep everything organised
Keep your lists relevant by storing them under their project.
Invite your co-workers to collaborate
Share your projects with you colleagues, co-workers, clients, sub-contractors and more.
Get live project updates
Keep track of progress on each project by visiting it's dashboard.

Create a list for anything

Safety, quality, condition surveys, to-dos...
You name it and you can make a list for it. Insite Teams gives you flexibility to audit or record anything you need.
Make your lists private or public
Hide sensitive information from certain project collaborators using the list privacy settings.
As many lists as you like
All of our plans allow you to create an unlimited number of lists in each project.
Create & store audits

How much time will you save? Find out today.

Handy tools at the tap of a button


Organise your items with a range of filter and sort options.


Track your items’ status with automatic colour-coding.

Multi edit

Save time by editing multiple items at once.


Copy information between items – one by one, or multiple at a time.


Assign your items to others and link assignees to project collaborators.

Photo edit

Bring your vision to life by drawing or adding text to your photos.


Send items to other collaborators in app. Or, turn them into printable reports!

Multi add

Cut down time on your walk-arounds. Batch upload from your library or desktop.

Items for anything

Improve your productivity

Assign items to collaborators & locations
Colour-coded by status
Comment on items and images
Get notification updates
Every action date and time stamped

Intuitive tools

Add your items without a fuss

Use the unique tools to speed up your snagging and auditing process

Copy information between items
Edit multiple items at the same time
Create multiple items from your image library at once
Duplicate items
Item details

Photo editing

Get creative with our editing suite

Make your projects visual with unlimited photos per item

Draw on your photos
Add text, arrows and more
Choose from a colour palette

Features with you in mind

Project overview
View live statistics and manage the project assignees and locations.
Track the progress of Complete, Incomplete, In Progress and Overdue items in each list.
Streamline your workflow and stay on top of your records, all in one place.
Everything’s in the cloud, so you can pick up where you left off on any device.

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